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The first-ever glossy travel and lifestyle magazine that will showcase the best that Mindanao has to offer. M features stories ranging from adventure destinations, culinary pursuits, nocturnal activities, unique fashion creations, beauty and wellness, gainful business endeavors, to little known secrets about this island paradise; it is the primary source of information on Mindanao?s contemporary lifestyle.

It has long been our dream to show a different side of Mindanao. This has given birth to M, a quarterly publication depicting a Mindanao that is ready to face the challenges of the world head on. It paints a fresh image of Mindanao?peaceful, successful and modern.

Frequency Days: 90 (QU)

Price / Each: 120.00 PHP
Price / 1 Year: 480.00 PHP
Price / 2 Years: 960.00 PHP
  PHP 480.00
Cash / Check
You may pay using your debit or credit card as well.